Publicado el 1 jun, 2013

On riots and youth

(una peque√Īa reflexi√≥n en ingl√©s, sin que sirva de precedente)

Riots in Turkey, as we have seen in Greece, Sweden, France, the UK, Spain… are the ascertainment of a very disturbing reality: we the young are just too few in terms of numbers to claim power democratically as our parents’ generation did. We are ruled by the >45 in a system that is designed by them and for them. Unemployment for the youth is higher than for any other age range. We suffer massive cuts in education, research… in our future, in short. Uninterested in politics? no wonder. The demographic reality is like this: we will never win a “democratic” battle. It’s just pure math. And that scares the shit out of me, I must say.

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